Litigation Law in a Nutshell

The New AARTO Act: A Quick Overview
by Nida Jooste

Nida Jooste is an Associate in the litigation department and can be e-mailed at President Cyril Ramaphosa recently signed the controversial Administrative Adjudication of...
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Is your Firearm Licence Valid?

The South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association (“SA Hunters”) brought an application in the Pretoria High Court against the Minister of Safety and Security...
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Litigation Newsflash : Rights and Responsibilities of Granny and Grandpa

Grandparents in South Africa often find themselves as the day to day carers, guardians and financial support for their grandchildren. Other times they are only...
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GATED COMMUNITIES – do the “rules of the road” apply?

“Is there no end to the greed of this regime? I built and paid for the road, it is mine not the Government’s. Any traffic...
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Shareholder and Trust Beneficiary Loan Accounts : Prescription of Loans Repayable on Demand

In the recent matter of Trinity Asset Management (Pty) Ltd v Grindstone 132 Investments (Pty) Ltd 2016 ZASCA 135 (29 September 2016) the Supreme Court...
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