Life @ Venns – Nida Jooste

The transition, between being a law student and entering the corporate world as a candidate attorney, forces you to skip a couple of rungs on the ladder of life … then you realise your legs might be too short, or you can feel your shoes [read stilettos] slipping on the metal crossbars.

Being a candidate attorney at Venns places you in an environment where a strong grip is offered to give you a hand up, with many people encouraging you from the side. In effect, you’re surrounded by colleagues whose support ensures that you don’t take a tumble.

One of the first things you learn as a candidate attorney is the mountain of responsibility and risk involved in the practice of an attorney. Without a solid team around you, you don’t stand much of a chance. This is what Venns offers – a solid team. Without exception, the directors are willing to assist, advise and mentor us. This is carried out in a very approachable manner, providing us with access to some of the most experienced and knowledgeable minds in the legal fraternity.

Bi-annual rotation between departments ensures that we gain exposure in multiple fields of law and practice methods. This allowed me to assess and select the most suitable methods in accordance with my strengths and personality in preparation for running my own practice.

Much may be said about the office culture at Venns: despite being one of the biggest firms in KwaZulu-Natal, we know each other by name, eat lunch together every day (prepared by our wonderful chef, Winnie), and help each other where we can. It is a team effort, for which I have a lot of appreciation.

I truly believe Venns provides a holistically-focussed work environment which combines firm values with a fresh, modern approach to our work.

The effort which you decide to invest has a direct correlation to the outcome you will receive after two years. There is no one who can build your legal career but you. You will work hard at Venns and reap the rewards of your efforts. There is no room for lazy people in law.

Nida Jooste
Professional Assistant
Litigation Division