Property Law

We produce sale agreements and handle transfers of properties, register bonds for banks and private clients, draft servitudes, handle the administration and registration of low cost housing schemes and provide specialist property advice to property developers and to the farming community.

Redvers Lee


Redvers Lee is the current chairperson of the firm. He is a specialist conveyancer with substantial experience in transfers, bonds, servitudes, property developments and sectional title schemes. He was admitted as an attorney and conveyancer in 1985 and as a notary public in 2000.

Keran Henwood - Director - Venns Attorneys

Keran Henwood


Keran Henwood is a director in our Property Conveyancing Division. She focuses on general conveyancing.

Lauren Maltby


Lauren Maltby is an admitted attorney, conveyancer, and notary public.  She attends to local conveyancing transactions, more specifically in respect of transfers, both residential and commercial, conventional, and sectional. 

Nosipo Mgojo


Nosipo Mgojo is a director of the Conveyancing Division. She joined the firm in 1997 and was admitted as an Attorney & Conveyancer in 1999 and as a Notary public in 2001. She is experienced in the registration of servitudes, local transfers, bonds and property development transfers.

Guy Smith - Executive Consultant - Venns Attorneys

Guy Smith

Executive Consultant

Guy Smith is a unique attorney who has combined his legal expertise with practical experience. A developer of niche residential developments, such as Prince’s Grant, Gowrie and Garlington, a property lawyer and conveyancer with over 30 years experience.