Life @ Venns – Imraan Chohan

Time can be viewed in a variety of ways. According to one view, time is a particular period during which something has occurred. Time, in this context, can be measured with an instrument, such as a watch. According to another, far deeper perspective, time is determined by looking at the experiences encountered within that time frame. The appropriate measurement of time in this latter context is personal growth and development. When thinking about my own “time” as a CA, it is the second definition which resonates with me.

Venns has numerous departments and areas of specialisation. As a CA, one is exposed to a broad array of legal areas, courtesy of the rotation policy and the frequent in-house seminars. This, combined with the active role which CA’s are encouraged to play in whichever department they are in, ensures continuous learning and growth.

An institution is its people, and so it is with Venns. There is a tangible team spirit at Venns, and I quickly felt part of the firm. In addition I further found that there was always someone able to assist and answer my questions. (This is especially important during the first few months of being a CA!).

My time as a CA may have come to a close. However, as a result of my “Life @ Venns”, my experience has been so much more than just two years of articles.

Imraan Chohan
Professional Assistant
Litigation Division