Life @ Venns – Ferosa Kirsten

One cannot become an attorney without completing articles of clerkship. In fact there is serious responsibility and risk that is involved in the practice of an attorney. The onerous task of being an attorney has been emphasized by presiding officers at every single admission I have ever attended, including my own. It is thus important to serve articles at a firm of attorneys which will equip you with the tools to both survive and thrive in this profession.

My Life@Venns began in January 2015 when I started serving my articles. At the outset, becoming a candidate attorney is quite a daunting experience, but I was warmly welcomed by the Venns team.

Venns provides a conducive learning environment as the Directors and Consultants are willing to offer advice and mentorship to Candidate Attorneys.

The firm also has a rotational system between departments that allows for Candidate Attorneys to be exposed to various areas of law. Under the guidance of Directors and Consultants at Venns, I have been exposed to multiple fields of law and I have been taught serious disciplines and practice methods which will aid me in my legal career.

Success is determined by structure and a good work ethic. If you work hard you will reap the rewards of your efforts.

I have been taught that as an attorney the best interests of your clients are of paramount importance. My experience as a Candidate Attorney at Venns has equipped me with the tools and confidence to advance the best interests of my clients.

Ferosa Kirsten
Professional Assistant
Litigation Division