The Reputable Mr Redvers Lee

With over 30 years in the industry, Redvers Lee has fine-tuned his technical conveyancing skills through experience. He has built himself a reputation as a problem-solver, particularly within the realm of intricate conveyancing transactions and township registers. Together with his very efficient team at Venns Attorneys – including former deeds office employees – his focus is simply to see transactions through the deeds office as seamlessly as possible.

The bulk of his day-to-day deals largely involve work outside of the Pietermaritzburg area and, as agents or correspondents, he and his team are involved in some of the most exciting projects in KwaZulu-Natal. Redvers has a “get it done” approach to his work. “We aren’t saints, but we try to be problem-solvers,” says Redvers. “This means we check before we need to. Things need to be registered and registered properly. Where there are delays, money is lost and this applies to people who need the money for an emergency or to move into an old age facility to transactions for big property funds alike.”

The proximity of Venns to the deeds office means Redvers can go there several times a day if necessary, but he makes sure he goes there personally every day. He has developed a good relationship with the deeds office management and staff. “We both serve the public,” he says. “This means it is not a case of ‘them’ and ‘us’” and the maintenance of these good interpersonal relationships aid in streamlining the process even further.

Contact Details:

Tel: (033) 3553100