Coffee with Mohammed Motala

Mohammed is a valuable part of our specialised High-Balance Recoveries Team. The team is energetic and creative, focusing on recovering large amounts from individual and business debtors. We found out more about this hi-octane young attorney …

We recover high-balance loans. This means that we take steps to recover for big corporates, businesses and banks from individuals and businesses that have defaulted.

The traditional legal method is to get judgment and then sell the debtor’s assets in execution. You start with summons, obtain judgement and then the sheriff attaches and sells the debtor’s assets in execution, including immovable properties and vehicles. Where necessary you also proceed against sureties and act on any other securities which our client may have obtained from the debtor.

We enjoy finding the best method to achieve the best results for our clients. This means that we often don’t follow the traditional legal route. Very often we will instruct our in-house tracing department to generate a forensic report on a debtor and surety. Then we get in our car or on an aeroplane and go and meet the debtor. Our aim is to resolve matters efficiently by committing the debtor to a settlement agreement. If the debtor fails to comply with the agreement, we immediately go for liquidation. Liquidation is expensive, but its great advantage is that it is quick and extremely effective. Traditional litigation can take up to 3 years, while liquidation can be over in months with a much better recovery for our client.

A little bit of stress gets me up in the morning. I don’t think I could be motivated if my job was mundane and predictable. The great thing about high-balance recoveries is that there is always something new. You are never rolling out the same thing, because the best solution for your client always requires a tailor-made, targeted approach. I like some stress and I like feeling that I am on the ball. At the end of the day I am practical, results-driven person.

I try to maintain a balanced lifestyle. I am a regular on the squash court and soccer field at a social level. I also enjoy a good cardio workout at gym. I am a family-orientated man who takes a lot of pleasure in spending quality time with family. Given their current performance, I would prefer not to disclose which soccer team I support!