ithemba project

Teacher and Children at Sbukosweswe Creche

Last year, Venn Nemeth & Hart participated in the iThemba Adopt-A-Creche Programme.

iThemba Projects is an non-governmental organisation that serves the Mpumuza / Sweetwaters area outside Pietermaritzburg. You can find out more about iThemba Projects at

Our contribution was used to assist four crèches in this area with food parcels, vegetable gardens, and roof guttering linked to Jojo tanks to ensure a constant flow of water to the gardens.

As a result of our funding, Stu Walker, projects director at iThemba Projects, decided to apply for funding from Lotto to plant sustainable food gardens at all the schools which the Project supports.

 Hannah Szudrawski, who runs our Estates and Trusts Department, recently visited the crèches with some of our staff. We were humbled by the impact which iThemba Projects is having on childrens’ lives.

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.

– Nelson Mandela