a bean counter amongst the lawyers

There comes a point when a bunch of lawyers can only do so much in taking their business forward. It was for this reason that we recently appointed Geoff Hayward into the newly-created position of Group Accountant. Geoff will be focusing on administration and financial analysis, with a focus on packaging financial information so that a bunch of word smiths can do a better job at managing the business of law.

Geoff attended Howick High and obtained his Bcomm (Honours) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal before completing his articles with KMPG in Pietermaritzburg. In 2006, he completed his final board exam and received his CA(SA) qualification.

Geoff is a sports fanatic and avid sportsman, currently playing in the country districts leagues for cricket and hockey. Geoff also gets involved with the Howick running club for weekly social runs. He loves the outdoors and tries to get as much bush, beach and berg experiences as he can.

Bloom, do me a favour. Move a few decimal points around. You can do it. You’re an accountant. You’re in a noble profession. The word “count” is part of your title.

– Line from the film The Producers