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Coffee with...

Coffee with Lauren Maltby

Lauren Maltby has been appointed as a director in our Property department. We shared a cuppa with Lauren to find out more about her work... Read More

Coffee with Tim…

Tim’s primary school teacher predicted that, if he were not jailed first, Tim would end up as a journalist or a writer. She turned out... Read More

Coffee with Liza Bagley

If we had any perceived ideas about divorce lawyers, they were dispelled over a cup of coffee with Liza. A self-confessed reader of ‘girlie books’,... Read More

Coffee with Julz Norton

Julianne Norton, or Julz as she prefers to be called, balances a busy litigation practice with life on a dairy farm … My main areas... Read More

Coffee with Hannah Szudrawski

As the director responsible for wills, estate planning and estate administration, Hannah is often on the receiving end of jokes about the less cheerful aspects... Read More

Coffee with Rob Stuart-Hill

We were initially impressed when we heard about Rob’s early morning ‘board’ meetings in Durban … until we found that they are generally held (at... Read More

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Company Law

Labour Law News

Labour Law News…May 2017

Labour Law in a Nutshell: DISCIPLINING A DIRECTOR How employees can turn the tables and discipline a Director   A union and workers can effectively... Read More

Labour Law News…April 2017

INCOMPATIBILITY:  How to deal with the proverbial fly in the workplace ointment   Dealing with incompatibility in the workplace can be tricky. Employees have to... Read More

Labour Law News…March 2017

SECRET RECORDINGS: Are they legal…when can you use them as evidence? Yes – they can be legal in certain situations specified in RICA[1]. This is... Read More

Venns’ Labour Law Team advises companies and senior individuals on all aspects of labour law…


Consumer Protection Act

the chain of blame

  You attend a seminar offered by your attorneys. At the door you are handed an ominous pack of documents and a pen. The pen... Read More

direct marketing

  When an unknown number rings on my cellphone, I instantly shudder as it is almost always direct marketing from a cellphone or insurance company... Read More

non-refundable deposits

Advance bookings typically require the payment of a deposit. In the past, these deposits were generally non-refundable if the booking was cancelled. The Consumer Protection... Read More

second-hand car salesman

The Consumer Protection Act puts second-hand car salespersons (or the seller of any other second-hand goods) in the unenviable position of facing a possible ‘come... Read More

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Law Letter Insert

Winter 2015

“how a £90 will lost half my house This article (by Richard Dyson, Personal Finance Editor) in The Telegraph on 21 June, caught my eye. By... Read More

April 2015

GOOD TENANTS are hard to find “I figure if I have my health, can pay the rent and I have my friends, I call it... Read More

February 2015

Signed or not? That is the question… a clause which reads something like: “No amendment or consensual cancellation to this agreement will be valid or binding unless it is reduced... Read More

November 2014

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) has been established to compensate road accident victims who have suffered loss and injury resulting from the negligent driving of a motor vehicle in... Read More

October 2014

Arbor Day Arbor Day Initiative SA celebrates National Arbor Week from 1 – 7th September. It is a time when all South Africans are called... Read More

Law Letter Supplement – March 2014

Defective goods and Consumer protection The Consumer Protection Act is intended to empower the consumer against unscrupulous suppliers of goods and services. Consumers are entitled... Read More