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Destination (wedding) unknown

A wedding in modern times is an elaborate affair. Destination weddings are becoming extremely popular. Thailand, Bali, Mauritius and the Seychelles are now the destination... Read More

Labour Law News…October 2015

Negligence: When does “ordinary” negligence become “gross”? The distinction is important because “ordinary” negligence is not usually a dismissible offence – but “gross” negligence is... Read More

Labour Law News…September 2015

Strict discipline: Does “zero tolerance” really mean zero? Employers have a legitimate interest in setting strict rules of work – and in applying them without... Read More

Venns’ Latest App

We’ve been monitoring the growth and visits to our website via mobile devices and more particuarly smartphones.  Our stats show a 600% growth in smartphone... Read More

Winter 2015

“how a £90 will lost half my house This article (by Richard Dyson, Personal Finance Editor) in The Telegraph on 21 June, caught my eye. By... Read More


This Mandela Day, Venns devoted their 67 minutes to the children of Thandi House. Unlike what one may imagine a home for abandoned and orphaned... Read More

Congrats Craig!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Craig Blackmore as an Associate in the firm with effect from 1 May 2015. Craig joined Venns... Read More
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