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Labour Law News…July 2016

CONSTRUCTIVE DISMISSAL: When will a claim for “forced resignation” succeed? Employment contracts usually terminate when the employer dismisses the employee – or when the employee... Read More

Labour Law News…June 2016

CONSISTENCY: How do you apply discipline consistently from one case to another? The notion of fairness is based on the principle of equal treatment for... Read More

Labour Law News…May 2016

DUTY OF GOOD FAITH: When must an employee come clean about suspicious activities? Dishonest activities in the workplace are regrettably far too common. Employers constantly... Read More

Labour Law News…April 2016

TRADE SECRETS: What must a business owner do to protect them? Restraint of trade clauses are supposed to stop employees from using their employer’s confidential... Read More

Labour Law News…March 2016

  STRIKE VIOLENCE: So far but no further…when will a union be held accountable? Peaceful Striking for Pressure The purpose of strike action is to... Read More

Venns’ Carbon Neutral Initiative

Venns’ Attorneys offering carbon neutral legal services to our clients. Engaging our services will improve your carbon neutral status. 

Destination (wedding) unknown

A wedding in modern times is an elaborate affair. Destination weddings are becoming extremely popular. Thailand, Bali, Mauritius and the Seychelles are now the destination... Read More

Labour Law News…October 2015

Negligence: When does “ordinary” negligence become “gross”? The distinction is important because “ordinary” negligence is not usually a dismissible offence – but “gross” negligence is... Read More
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