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News of our Chairperson

Venns Attorneys is proud to announce the appointment of Nosipo Mgojo, the current head of the firm’s Conveyancing Division, as chairperson of the firm from... Read More

Happy Retirement

The Directors and staff say a fond farewell to George du Toit who retired at the end of January 2015 after 40 years in practice... Read More

Property Quo Vadis

Never before has the old Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times” been more appropriate than in our country at present in the field... Read More

February 2015

Signed or not? That is the question… a clause which reads something like: “No amendment or consensual cancellation to this agreement will be valid or binding unless it is reduced... Read More

February 2015

We welcome readers to this first edition of Law Letter 2015. We look at what is required to be admitted as an attorney, and what our... Read More

Labour Law news…January 2015

Court clamps down on collective employee theft “Shrinkage” When employees steal from their employers it’s often called “shrinkage”. It’s a euphemism for theft! Employers use... Read More
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