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About us

Nosipo Mgojo, the new Chairperson, pictured with Managing Director: Robert Stuart-Hill

Nosipo Mgojo, current Chairperson, pictured with Managing Director: Robert Stuart-Hill

Venn Nemeth and Hart Inc and Geyser du Toit Louw and Kitching Inc have, over the years, become highly recognisable legal brands in the Midlands and KwaZulu-Natal.

In 2013 we identified an opportunity for the two firms to merge, in order to add to the depth and range of legal services offered to our respective clients. Endowed with similar cultures and led by equally strong and lively characters, the merger promises to be both constructive and interesting!

Venns Attorneys carries forward the strengths that made both Venn Nemeth and Hart and GDLK, leading law firms in their own right. These include strong representation of our clients, high levels of specialisation and an over-arching concern for quality. Attorneys at Venns are characterised by a passion for their work, a desire to be on top of their areas of law and a genuine interest in their clients.

In 2015, Nosipo Mgojo took over as the Chairperson of the firm, she started her career with the firm in 1997. She is the current head of the firm’s Conveyancing Division.

We are proud that over the last 14 years, we have trained 39 Candidate Attorneys from previously disadvantaged backgrounds (19 of whom were from Zulu home language environments) representing 60% of the Candidate Attorneys trained by us with 50% of the Candidate Attorneys being female.

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