Our history, our future

Venn Nemeth and Hart Inc and Geyser du Toit Louw and Kitching Inc have, over the years, become highly recognisable legal brands in the Midlands and  KwaZulu-Natal.
We recently identified an opportunity for the two firms to merge, in order to add to the depth and range of legal services offered to our respective clients. Endowed with similar cultures and led by equally strong and lively characters, the merger promises to be both constructive and interesting!
From 1 August 2013, when the merger takes effect, we will practice under the name Venns Attorneys (see below for more information on our new name). The merger excludes GDLK Pinetown, which will continue practising under that name.


GDLK began life as a partnership in 1980 and incorporated in 1994. During this period, the firm grew to four directors and close to fifty staff.
The firm has strengths in insolvency, litigation, town planning, commercial and company work. For our clients, the merger will mean that three of the city’s most experienced attorneys will be strengthening our base of expertise: Andries Geyser is a former president of the Law Societies of South Africa, and a specialist litigation attorney with a focus on insolvency work, George Du Toit has headed GDLK’s Conveyancing Department for over 30 years; while Doc Louw is an experienced litigation and commercial attorney who is currently deputy chairman of the KwaZulu-Natal Town Planning Appeals Board.

Venn Nemeth & Hart

Venn Nemeth and Hart has been in business for more than 60 years, the doors having been opened by Denis Lowe, as a sole practitioner, on 1 March 1952. The firm identified a gap in the market and soon began offering specialised debt recovery services to businesses operating in and around Pietermaritzburg.
Specialist skills were added to this foundation, including conveyancing and property development, litigation, public sector law, insolvencies and special recoveries. The firm now has 13 directors and employs more than 150 staff members.

Venns Attorneys

Venns Attorneys carries forward the strengths that made both Venn Nemeth and Hart and GDLK, lleading law firms in their own right. These include strong representation of our clients, high levels of specialisation and an over-arching concern for quality. Attorneys at Venns are characterised by a passion for their work, a desire to be on top of their areas of law and a genuine interest in their clients.


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